My Overdraft

It’s not what you think!

Last Monday I visited my general doctor for a bit of a catch up. Remarkably, I hadn’t seen her since before The Quinsy, and had only been communicating via email discussing the other work I’ve been having and my abysmal bloodwork.

I’ve not been feeling physically great lately, and haven’t been able to put my finger on it. You know that general, crappy run down feeling, like you’re on the cusp of coming down with a head cold (or worse)? Yeah, I know it’s pretty common, but when you know your white blood cells are below the lowest of the safe range and had been feeling relatively good prior, it’s a worry.

My doctor never ceases to amaze me – she is a huge support and I am lucky to have her –  and the analogy she used to describe how I’ve been feeling was nothing short of beautiful. Well, to my financial mind anyway 😎 It was along the lines of:

To put it in a banky way, consider you’ve been in this huge overdraft for a long time. When you get back down to a zero balance, like you now have, there is no surplus cash balance to use, and even as the balance grows, while it’s small you can still spend it very quickly and end up back at zero.

How good is that? The run down feeling has passed, now, but by her telling me this I now realise this is what I need to continually tell myself when I become grumpy for feeling the need to rest by the time the afternoon rolls around, which is still most days.

I was in overdraft for 16 months, versus the four and a half months I’ve been saving since reaching zero balance. Now, I understand I need to save a bit more in order to be comfortable, and a bit more beyond that before I’ll have the cash for discretionary spending.

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