Minimalism & Mindful Consumption

Until now I’ve only touched briefly on how this health journey has changed me and one facet of change which slaps me in the face on the daily is how surrounded I am by “stuff”.

In my mind, change within oneself occurs in one of two ways: One either consciously coaxes it upon oneself until the desired behaviour becomes habitual, or it pompously announces itself through your subconscious, triggered by prolonged or repeated exposure/experiences; the speed at which change can occur in either fashion varies from tortoise-like, over a period of years, to cheetah-like – overnight.

Surprisingly, minimalism and mindful consumption crept up on me subconsciously; so subconsciously in fact that they became intrinsic parts of my being before I could even recognise the change myself. It definitely started last year, otherwise I can’t imagine what else would have triggered me to commence a shopping ban mid-January. I noticed enough change in my behaviour to bring it forth to my consciousness, hence I now consider myself an aspiring minimalist and actively exercise more mindful consumption.

Have I asked myself why this change was brought about? Not really – it’s pretty obvious: I temporarily lose my health, embody the mantra “health is wealth”, and start to realise shit means nothing. It’s almost sadly cliche, really. Maybe just a little surprising given I’ve never really put much weight on possessions nor accumulated to the level of my peers.

Ultimately, it is a positive (and exciting!) change. Less stuff = more, in so many ways, and I hope to expand on this topic in the future. In the meantime, though, it’s positively annoying! I cringe when I put my watch on in the morning, I yearn for a capsule wardrobe rather than a moderately full walk-in and heaven forbid I have to put something into the rubbish rather than recycling.

It’s so important to embrace change and I am both grateful to have been enlightened to the truth that we are a brainwashed, consumerist society, and proud of myself for adopting values so against the grain of it.




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